Elite Cultural Discovery
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Cultural Discovery Experience


Travel across the world to some of the most beautiful and coveted locations, where you'll recieve private 'behind the scenes' tours, providing an unparalleled travel experience.  

Choose from one of our existing travel destinations or we will work with you to create a completely unique travel experience. We will provide end to end travel service - helping you plan the length of your trip, visa arrangements, flight bookings, removals of personal items and anything else you may need.

Live as a Local

We will find you your very own perfect piece of the planet to call home. This is a place where you can socialize with newly met acquaintances or invite family or friends from home to join you. At your home you will experience what it's to live as a local rather than visit as a tourist.

Education and Language

Let us match you with the best educational institutes for you and your family. Languages courses will help you experience a more rich and fulfilling cultural experience. For couples or singles wanting to explore educational options we will present opportunities for further study if permament residency becomes a prospect. 

Clubs and Activities

Join exclusive golf, yachting, wine or equestrian clubs - the opportunities are endless. Whether you want to learn new skills, take up alternative pursuits, or engage in current hobbies, we will present you with a selection of choices to pick and choose from. Activities vary by destination, so visit each destination profile to explore the options.


We will immerse you in a culture of your choice, connecting you with likeminded people so that you immediately start developing a network to maximise your opportunities. 

Excellent Service

You will be matched with one of the best relocation consultants in the world who will work with you before your arrival and far beyond. They will ensure your time is tailored to suit your wishes and really make sure you get the most out of your time abroad. We can also assist with drivers, chefs, nannies, tutors, butlers and any other connections that you require.