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Defined by its history and loved for its heritage, Dublin is one of the most prized possessions of Ireland - and the world, for that matter. The city’s personality shines as its most adored quality. Friendly, light-hearted, and witty, Dubliners are known for their charism and sociability, which is so infectious and lovable, you mightn't ever want to leave.


The lifestyle in Dublin  is generally always exciting and there is always something new to do. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping in Dublin, and the city offers excellent nightlife, restaurants, venues, sports facilities, annual events, and festivals. The people are generally very friendly and easy to get along with, so living a social life in Dublin is fairly easy and encouraged by the community. In regards to outdoor activities, Dublin has some of the best nature scenery in the world.


Generally speaking, Dublin will have restaurants of every kind considering the size and status of the city. Traditionally, though, you will find welcoming and friendly pubs where you can meet and socialize with amiable Dubliners. 


In regards to entertainment, Dublin has everything. Take a walk down the street and casually stop in a local pub or spend a night at of the many cinemas. The city’s reputation regularly attracts popular artists and hosts big concerts that many people attend. You can also find festivals and markets all around the city.  In terms outdoors activities, Dublin’s has an extensive network of nature parks and trails for the adventurous. Overall, the city is a perfect combination of the fast-paced city and the quiet, great outdoors.