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Often known as Italy’s green heart, Umbria is the only landlocked region of Italy that borders neither the sea or another country. As such, Umbria has retained Italy’s cultural traditions unlike any other area of the country. It is here that you’ll find apron-wearing grandmothers making pasta by hand and front doors that haven’t been locked in over a century. Umbria is separated from Le Marche by the Monti Sibillini, giving it a diverse geographic profile with rolling hills and wildflower meadows to thick woodlands. Italy’s rich history has given Umbria something significant to see on nearly every corner — from the Gothic wonder of Orvieto to Assisi’s saintly calling.


Lifestyle in Umbria will generally be quite tranquil. As a local, your home will likely be in a village surrounded by Umbria’s beautiful rolling landscape or in one of Umbria’s mid-sized cities, such as Perugia, Orvieto, or Spoleto. Since Umbria is recognized as a traditional and culturally rich region of Italy, you’ll have endless access to activities that will fully and quickly immerse you into Italian lifestyle. From cooking classes to language lessons, Umbria is exactly where you would want to live as an Italian local. 


If you’re looking for food, Umbria is the right place to be. Umbria has retained many of Italy’s most prized culinary secrets, most of which are known for their minimalistic qualities. Umbrian cuisine is very rustic, often called “cucina povera,” or peasant cooking, which is aptly named for its heavy reliance on local products, such as grains, fresh herbs, and olive oil — Umbria’a liquid gold. The truffle is beloved and highly coveted in Umbria, making it an essential ingredient in nearly all of its cuisine. This simple, but delicious cuisine can be found nearly anywhere in Umbria and, when coupled with one of Umbria’s many wines, it can become a life-changing culinary experience. 


Umbria’s tranquil atmosphere brings a modest array of entertainment to the region. Larger Umbrian cities regularly host jazz festivals, but you can find small cafes and venues with live music from every genre. Italy’s vibrant history brings a seemingly endless variety of activities, from trips to the local theatre to art museums.