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New Zealand



Wellington is a beautiful coastal city which offers stunning natural surroundings and could be the perfect place to start your new life. New Zealand’s capital city is one of the world’s most liveable cities that manages to emulate the warmth and personality of a village. The area is comprised of four urban areas; Wellington City, Wellington Harbour, Porirua and the Pacific Island communities. Life in Wellington is far from dull, well known for its lively nightlife, world-class culinary scene and it’s internationally recognised coffee culture. With its prime location, situated between fantastic beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges made famous by The Lord of the Rings, you won’t be stuck for beautiful scenery either. Wellington has been called the world’s ‘coolest little capital’ and could be the perfect location to start your cultural discovery.


Life in Wellington is an easy going one filled with diversity, culture and multicultural values. Immigrants now make up 23% of the country and coupled with a work/life balance ranked second in the world, New Zealand is one of the most popular places on earth for Expats. Wellington is easy to get around, with an excellent public transport system, cycle lanes, and plentiful parking. Located on the south coast of New Zealand’s North Island, they enjoy a temperate climate with an absence of extreme temperatures. 


Wellington is well known for its culinary excellence, brimming with delicious and unique eateries, with locally sourced produce from land and sea. The dining experience in Wellington has been influenced by its multicultural roots and you can enjoy the finest foods from around the world. You can embrace their famous coffee culture, or settle down to enjoy a world class glass of wine, grown and made in New Zealand.


English is the official language of New Zealand and is widespread through the whole country. Several Polynesian, European and Asian languages can also be found throughout.