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South Africa

Cape Town 


Known as the finest city in South Africa, and one of the finest in Africa, Cape Town has a lot to offer. Its iconic Table Mountain, national park, and stretch of Indian and Atlantic Ocean coastline give this city its special character. A spectacular climate and access to a wondrous natural landscape defines this amazing city, attracting people for around the world, and thus creating a highly multicultural society. 


In Cape Town, South Africa, you’ll find that the lifestyle is easy going and full of options.  Its beautiful natural scenery and picture-perfect coastline generates the feeling of an island getaway coupled with all the conveniences of a modern city. The exchange rate favors Americans and Europeans, offering expats access to a relatively great standard of living. Fantastic weather and a vibrant cultural community are more great aspects of the city to look forward to. 


Like most cities sponsored by Elite Cultural Discovery, Cape Town has an eclectic array of culinary options, ranging from spicy Cape Malay chicken curry to African Chakalaka. Its extensive culinary history has heavily influenced its food, giving it flavors of the Dutch and the Japanese. In recent years, the influx of international immigrants has contributed to the city’s cultural melting pot and provided it with dashes of Greek, American, Mediterranean, and Moroccan influence. 

Entertainment and Leisure

The range of outdoors activities in Cape Town are endless. Dare devils and the adventurous can participate in a whole host of mind-blowing activities, from kite-surfing, rock-climbing and wake-boarding to shark-cage-diving, hang gliding and sky diving; while the more subdued residents can explore the more tranquil, but still stunning, beaches and nature scenery. The nightlife and bars in Cape Town are also some of the best in the world.