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United Kingdom


United Kingdom


Known for its quaint villages and rolling hills, Cotswolds is a protected landscape that has stood still for centuries as a region of national importance. The booming medieval wool trade brought the area its wealth and left it with tons of beautiful buildings that shape its beauty today. The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has a population of 189,000 residents with a visiting population of 38 million people per year. Over 80% of the landscape is agricultural, giving Cotswolds beautiful rolling hills of green lush that will make you want to frolic in its meadows for hours on end. 


Life in Cotswolds is generally very tranquil and quaint. If you’ve ever fancied a cup of cream tea in the mid-afternoon and fantasized about living in a small cottage with exposed beams, there’s no finer place to fulfill your fantasies than Cotswolds. While there are bus routes between the major towns and villages, the liberation and flexibility of a having your own car is unbeatable, being that some of Cotswolds most special places are off the beaten path. The weather is most comparable to the United States’s Pacific Northwest, which is fairly mid all year long, never dropping below freezing or reaching to unbearable hot temperatures. However, being that it is in the U.K., there is a decent amount of rainfall. 

Food and Drink

Being that the majority of the Cotswolds is farmland, this region is known for a “farm to table” approach to its cuisine. Historically this region was known for its wealth and cultivation of special ingredients, which was an excellent amalgamation for world-class cuisine. As such, going on a culinary adventure through the Cotswolds would be thoroughly worth your while.

Entertainment and Leisure

Exploring the Cotswolds in a motor vehicle can be one of the most amazing experiences, hence why this is one of the most popular activities. There are countless historical sites and beautiful buildings to see, including the Cloucester Cathedral  and the Chavenage House. Also, the nature scenery in the Cotswolds is unparalleled in its beauty, bringing a whole host of gardens throughout the region.  Overall, the free-time you’ll experience in the Cotwolds will be whatever you make of it - but generally speaking - fairly subdued in its intensity.